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Digimon Fusion: Season 1 Episode 41

Olegmon the Golden Thief Laughs! Farewell Xros Heart!

After being captured, Ballistamon turned back into his original form, DarkVolumon. Despite Kiriha’s intervention with Deckerdramon and MailBirdramon, they and OmegaShoutmon are all sent overboard by Olegmon with Taiki tied up. The next day, after begging Kiriha to have him save Ballistamon, Shoutmon has Kiriha save Nene and Taiki while telling the latter to DigiXros him with DarkVolumon in order to reach him. Though it seemed to fail at first, Ballistamon comes to his senses as Shoutmon frees the other Xros Heart members, Lunamon, Coronamon, and Spadamon from Olegmon’s spell. Though forming Shoutmon ×4S to lead the defeat of Olegmon’s crew, he is unable to fight the Death General. But in a gamble, Ballistamon Xros Opens from the formation to use his ultimate speaker attack which still contains Olegmon’s spell to destroy his former leader. Soon after, Spadamon, Lunamon, and Coronamon join up with Xros Heart.

Digimon Fusion: Season 1 Episode 41
Jun. 12, 2011

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