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Digimon Fusion: Season 1 Episode 44

The Bond of X7! The Sublime Battle with Gravimon!!

Fueled by Deckerdramon’s death, the restored bond between Kiriha with Taiki and Nene creates Shoutmon ×7. Although Shoutmon ×7 manages to destroy Gravimon, it is soon revealed, that Gravimon can regenerate himself if his heart is kept safe, by Hi-Vision Monitamon after he sneaks into the castle to investigate before being captured. As Taiki DigiXros Cutemon with Dondokomon, Knightmon, PawnChessmons, Persiamon, ChibiKamemon and Jijimon to form G-Cutemon to hold off Gravimon’s army, Nene and Kiriha sneak into the Death General’s castle to free the captured Hi-Vision Monitamon and find Gravimon’s heart. However, Gravimon expected them to pull off such a plan and DigiXros his remaining forces to assume Darkness Mode while revealing that he secretly transferred his heart into Taiki’s left arm during the first battle. Agreeing to Gravimon’s demands, Kiriha gives up his Xros Loader in order to save Taiki’s life.

Digimon Fusion: Season 1 Episode 44
Jul. 17, 2011

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