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Digimon Fusion: Season 1 Episode 48

Beelzebumon, Fade into Light!

Nene and Kiriha are searching for Yuu while Taiki and Wisemon are working on opening the path that allows them to get back to the surface, without needing to sacrifice either Taiki or Yuu’s life. By then, the wounded Beelzebumon and Mervamon set off to find for Yuu, finding the boy before he is captured by SkullKnightmon. As for the badly injured Lilithmon, Whispered DigiXroses her with Blastmon to assume her Demonic Beast Mode while proceeding to negate Hell’s Field and erase everything in it. Seeing this monstrous threat, Taiki, Kiriha and Nene quickly form Shoutmon ×7 to prevent both the black and white castles from being destroyed. Informed by Wisemon that both castles are elements crucial to get make their way back to Bright Land, Taiki risks himself to give false death data to unlock the path. Following the success, Taiki faints. As the path opens, SkullKnightmon and Yuu leave the place, followed by the Xros Heart United Army.

Digimon Fusion: Season 1 Episode 48
Aug. 14, 2011

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