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Fish Hooks: Season Episode 1

Bea Stays in the Picture

Bea, one of the three fish BFF’s including Milo and Oscar at Fresh Water High, freaks out literally when her annual school photo is taken, for she claimed that it was taken badly. In the attempt to bring it back fearing that her expected future as an actor would be in jeopardy by a single bad picture, she distracts her friend and school photo editor Pirahnica, who claims to be in love with Oscar, by making the poor fellow take her on a date. After avoiding dangerous obstacles set by Pirahnica, Bea and Milo find the pictures as they see Bea’s taken one. Milo discovers that there was nothing wrong with it. Bea had known that, but she thought that her look wasn’t suited for an actor. After Milo talked some sense into Bea by proclaiming that she was perfect the way she was, she suddenly remembers Oscar and stops his nightmare with Pirahnica by stating that she and Oscar were dating. After the nutty clam left, Oscar was happy that Bea felt the same love he felt for her, only to figure out that she was acting.

Sep. 03, 2010
  • There are still no episodes this season

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