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Kotoura-san: Season 1 Episode 12

The Things I Want to Tell You

Some time after the incident, Yuriko suddenly tells the others that she is disbanding the ESP Society and replacing it with the New ESP Society, which is more or less the same thing. During the commotion, Haruka learns of Hiyori’s failed confession to Yoshihisa, along with his feelings for Haruka. As the others head to book a room for a karaoke place, Yuriko expresses her apology towards Haruka, who tells her she has no reason to apologize. As their discussion turns to love, Haruka realises that Yoshihisa hasn’t directly told her she loves her yet. Upon returning home, Haruka finds Kimiko waiting for her. Haruka finally works up the courage to speak her mind to Kimiko, and the two proceed to get everything out of their system. As Kimiko takes a nap, Haruka reads her mind and learns how she really felt at the time she left home. Kimiko leaves early the next morning, but leaves behind some breakfast for Haruka.

Mar. 28, 2013

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