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Kuttsukiboshi: Season 1 Episode 1

Stars Intertwined (1)

Kiiko Kawakami is a high school girl who secretly has telekinetic powers. The only person who knows of this is her friend, Aaya Saitō, who she has a crush on. One day after Aaya helps train her to use her powers, Kiiko leans in to kiss a sleeping Aaya, but she is surprised to find her taking the initiative and kissing her back. The two decide to have a risky rendezvous inside the empty school, and spend various summer memories together having sex in different places where no one knew about their love for each other. One day though, when Kiiko leaves her cellphone at Aaya’s house after sleeping over, she returns to find Aaya having sex with her brother, Kōta, who is a famous artist.

Kuttsukiboshi: Season 1 Episode 1
Aug. 16, 2010

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