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Mitsudomoe: Season 1 Episode 13

A Day at the Marui House

Futaba goes into school with a fever, giving her a similar appearance to Hitoha and confusing Nipples, which shocks Hitoha. Hitoha ends up catching Futaba’s fever, completing changing her aura. The girls convince Sojirou to let them keep a stray cat, only to find it missing the next day, which makes Hitoha upset. To cheer her up, Futaba pretends to be a cat, getting a bit too into her roleplay, before Sojirou brings in the cat himself. Later, Yabe comes around the Marui household for a home visit, but as he plays with the cat, Sojirou comes home and misinterprets it as an advance on Hitoha, leading him to get violent against him. Mitsuba wins two tickets and ends up giving them to her siblings, pretending to have other plans. However, it later turns out each ticket admits two people and Mitsuba gets left out, though Sojirou later buys an extra ticket for her.

Sep. 26, 2010

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