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One Week Friends: Season 1 Episode 7

Friends of ''Ah.'' / Friends of ''Whew.''

During Physical Education, Maiko and Ai begin asking Kaori about her relationship with Yuki and find them to be a really cute couple. Since they had been spending less time together in recent days, Yuki asks Kaori to tutor him for their final math exam and insist that they be alone. As they begin their tutoring after school, Yuki asks Kaori about her fascination with Math and inadvertently calls her cute during their talk. Afterwards Saki shows up with a class announcement from Mr. Inoue and Yuki helps her put it up. However as Maiko and Ai come to retrieve Saki, Kaori says “Ah” when they leave, much to her’s and Yuki’s confusion. As Summer break draws near Yuki begins worrying about not being able to see Kaori as often and finds himself reluctant to talk to her about it. However Shogo convinces him that he should ask Kaori to meet up over the break and physically nudges Yuki out of his reluctance. Yuki eventually asks Kaori to make plans to meet up over the break and learns that she had just assumed they would still see each other. When Summer break begins the next Monday, Yuki and Kaori fail to plan a location to rendezvous and end up meeting on the school roof. Much to their surprise though, Kaori finally begins remembering exactly who Yuki is.

One Week Friends: Season 1 Episode 7
May. 18, 2014

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