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Sasami-san@Ganbaranai: Season 1 Episode 9

It's Not That I Can't Do It

Tamamo-no-Mae reveals she had possessed Sasami when she was young and was awaken when she felt the desire to change the past, using her power to transform the past. As the golem attempts to kill Juju, Sasami’s mind is sent to her own body on the day Juju died, where Tsurugi awaits and Juju returns to life due to a spiritual object she put in Sasami’s body, which was what was causing her obesity. Deciding the way to stop Tamamo-no-Mae is to eliminate Sasami’s feelings of remorse, Tsurugi takes Sasami and Juju to different points in the past to look for clues. Feeling that it isn’t right for the Tsukiyomi clan to hold onto a god’s power, Sasami decides that Juju should hold onto Amaterasu’s power until she grows up, with Juju feeling proud of her conviction. As Tsurugi feels some regret for leaving her power in humanity’s hands, Sasami assures her she’s done nothing wrong.

Mar. 08, 2013

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