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Selector Infected WIXOSS: Season 2 Episode 10

This Warmth Is at Its Limit

Following her battle, Chiyori loses her memories surrounding WIXOSS while Eldora, certain she’ll be able to become friends with Ruko and Hitoe some day, takes her leave. Meanwhile, Akira states her desire to repeat a cycle of LRIG and human in order to keep scarring and healing Ulith and battles against her, but is again beaten by Dark Tama. After receiving some anonymous directions from Hanayo, Ruko and the others find Iona’s body, finding it to be inhabited by the original Iona Urazoe. The real Iona explains how she became a LRIG as a result of a wish not to be herself anymore, her desire to remain as she was coming as a surprise to Mayu. After Iona explains how she returned to her body when she felt it become hollow, the others come to the conclusion that Ulith made her wish come true, albeit with Tama refusing to take over Iona’s body, as she didn’t want to become human at the expense of others. After seeing the original Iona off, Ruko states her plan to become an LRIG so that she can find Maya and Tama, giving Iona the new name of Yuki. As Mayu locks Tama away, Ruko and the others decide to confront Hanayo.

Selector Infected WIXOSS: Season 2 Episode 10
Dec. 06, 2014

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