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Selector Infected WIXOSS: Season 2 Episode 12

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Tama manages to escape her imprisonment and rejoins with Ruko, who combines Tama and Yuki into one LRIG, who is also named Mayu after her true feelings, resuming their match against Mayu and Ulith. Meanwhile, Hitoe and Kazuki enter Mayu’s room in the real world, commenting on what a lonely place it is. Mayu laments how she was never given the opportunity to ‘select’ before she died. Returning to Mayu’s not-quite-real room, Mayu gives Ruko one opportunity to guess what color card she chose in order to win the game. Ruko correctly guesses that the card Mayu chose was non-colored, resulting in Ulith being destroyed. Afterwards, Ruko embraces Mayu, allowing her to pass on into the open world. Ruko then changes her wish slightly so that all LRIGS, including those who were LRIGs to begin with, would become girls, completing her contract with the new Mayu. With the Selector battles over, with all girls returned to their original forms, Ruko awaits the day when she can finally meet Tama as a human. It ends with Tama, shown to be a human now, sitting on a rooftop.

Selector Infected WIXOSS: Season 2 Episode 12
Dec. 20, 2014

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