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Tamako Market: Season 1 Episode 7

She Went To Be a Bride

Choi Mochimazzi, a fortune teller from Dera’s homeland, comes to stay at Tamako’s house, revealing that both she and Dera come from the island’s royal family. When Choi becomes annoyed by Dera gaining weight and forgetting his mission to find a bride for the island’s prince, he claims he is being held against his will, leading her to be distrustful of the good will Tamako and the shopkeepers show towards her. As Choi tells fortunes as a mean’s of paying back everyone’s kindness, shopkeeper Sayuri Yumoto reveals she is getting married, much to the dismay of tofu shop owner Tomio Shimizu, who had a crush on her. This leads Choi to think about her own unrequited feelings for the prince, leading to her getting a fever after passing out in the bath. After Tamako helps her overcome some of her homesickness, she becomes a bit more accepting of everyone’s kindness.

Tamako Market: Season 1 Episode 7
Feb. 21, 2013

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