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The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Season 1 Episode 2

The Hero and the Sleepy Man

Sion, a student at Roland Royal Special Military School decides to form a team with Ryner and some other students for mock battle training. While going to the library to research, he discovers Ryner, asleep at a desk. The next morning at the academy’s exercise field, the students practise battle skills, with the exception of Ryner, who is still half asleep. Kiefer, a female student is training with Ryner, but each spell hits Ryner directly. Putting no effort whatsoever into training, Ryner collapses in a heap on the ground, playing dead. Sion walks over and offers him a place on his team. At first, Ryner declines, thinking he is being joked around. But when Sion says “I like your eyes”, referring to Ryner’s Alpha Stigma, Ryner realises Sion is being serious. Sion, Ryner and the rest of their team begin the mock battle training. The first mission is an easy win for the team, and they celebrate afterwards, toasting to their success.

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Season 1 Episode 2
Jul. 09, 2010

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