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The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Season 1 Episode 3

Alpha Stigma

Ferris and her little sister, Iris, are interrogating one of the nobles behind the plot to assassinate Sion, when suddenly, Ferris’s brother appears and kills him. He tells her that they must decide whether Sion would be suitable as the king, and that he couldn’t possibly return alive after heading into battle and facing 50 magic knights. Then, as suddenly as he appeared, he vanished into this air. Meanwhile, the students are preparing the base for the battle ahead. Ryner is meant to be setting up tents ready for nightfall, but as usual, he is tired, lazy, and lies on the grass, refusing to help. Ryner walks over to and sits beside her. After begging Ryner to run away with her, she confesses her love for him. He believes it’s all a hoax, and tells her to quit joking around at a time like this, during the war. She agrees, and bids him farewell, walking through the tall grass. As soon as she leaves, the Magic Knights of Estabul attack the camp, and…

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Season 1 Episode 3
Jul. 16, 2010

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