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Vividred Operation: Season 1 Episode 11

Feelings I Want to Convey

As Rei is put under high security whilst Kenjirou looks into her origins, Akane and the others are forbidden to talk with Rei, learning from Mizuha that she comes from another world. Wanting to see Rei again and learn the true story, Aoi and the others decide to break into the facility where Rei is being held. Reaching the holding cell, Akane conveys her feelings to Rei, pushing through with her desire to get to know her better. As Rei eventually accepts Akane’s feelings, the crow, who reveals her name to be Daivesha, appears before them. Rei reveals her world was destroyed by Manifestation energy, being told by Daivesha that she could bring it back if she destroyed the Manifestation Engine. The whole thing is revealed to be a test by the Alone to see if they are worthy of wielding Manifestation energy. It is revealed that Daivesha had a trap set which would destroy the world if Rei was killed, but Kenjirou had believed in Akane’s friendship and avoided that.

Mar. 22, 2013

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